Atlantic Pacific 

Lifeboats Where There Are None



Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project is an NGO with a simple purpose: we provide lifeboats where there are none.

Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, Registered Charity Number: 1099682


Drowning is a silent pandemic; it claims almost two thirds as many lives as malnutrition worldwide, many of those children’s. Atlantic Pacific’s vision is a world where no one drowns and is tackling this crisis, one lifeboat at a time.


Atlantic Pacific identifies regions and communities that have high drowning rates and supplies bespoke rescue boats, mobile lifeboat stations, and highly trained volunteer crew. Over the last two years our projects have taken us to northern Japan, Greece, and the coast of Libya.

AP operates regardless of political context, out of a universal respect for human life.


Our unique Atlantic Pacific ‘Lifeboat in a Box’ stations empower local communities by providing rescue assets, training and boat-building expertise to areas vulnerable to drowning, flooding and natural disasters. These mobile lifeboat stations prevent future loss of life whilst addressing the community’s specific needs.


We train cohorts of Atlantic Pacific Crew to operate lifeboats, preparing them to work in humanitarian crises worldwide. We have built a pool of volunteer crew who have the training and skills to be rapidly deployed to situations where life is threatened.

We welcome donations and support from those who share our vision of a world where everyone, regardless of context, deserves to be rescued at sea.

“This is a project that we hope to grow around the world, delivering lifeboats and training to areas that are most vulnerable to disaster, so that when the unbearable strikes, there is something to help.”

Robin Jenkins, Founder, Atlantic Pacific

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