UWC Atlantic College Project Week

Another successful project week at UWC Atlantic. The development of our new Hahn Evolution Class lifeboat continues. Utilising traditional and modern techniques of boat building, the students developed a whole range of new skills.

We were absolutely blown away by the level of commitment and dedication that the students displayed and by the speed at which they learnt how to carry out what is a very difficult process.

Not only did we move closer to the completion of our new life saving boat, we also built a new training pontoon for our seagoing skills at sea. Unfortunately, the sea state did not permit us to test it at St. Donats’ Bay today, but look out for future updates and see this amazing project that was built by the “Pontoon Crew”; a precision obsessed gang of experts.

AP would like to salute the students from UWC Atlantic that joined us this week.

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