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Casualty (CAS) Care – 3 Day Course At Royal Docks London

This course was originally developed for training casualty care for maritime search and rescue but has been used widely by participants for lifesaving everywhere, whether for work, volunteering, or in day-to-day life. 

It differs from most first aid courses by being based on aide memoir check cards which massively reduces stress and does not rely on memory during high-pressure situations. It is also more advanced than most 1st aid courses, using the check cards means that you can treat more illnesses and injuries safely. 

This course is taught by healthcare professionals ranging from paramedics to doctors, each offering a wide range of different experience. It is audited by Saviour Medical, the organisation that developed the original casualty care course for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (the UK’s national lifeboat organisation).  

While it was developed for search and rescue it is simple and wide-ranging enough to cover nearly every eventuality you might come across in normal life. This course will keep you, your colleagues, your casualties and your family safe! 

Aim: To teach students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to safely and effectively administer immediate aid and ongoing treatments to anyone in their care. It will also provide students skills and ability to use the equipment pertaining to the course. This course is designed around a check-card system to avoid having to use memory in stressful and unfamiliar circumstances and emergencies. It is relevant even for trained first-aiders or medical professionals who wish to learn a system for casualty care that is thorough and systematic.  

Duration: 9:30am -6:30pm over 3 days.

The course is assessed both with practical assessments and a final multiple-choice questionnaire examination paper. 


The course teaches skills and the ability to use advanced first aid equipment and it is recommended that students have access to this equipment to use the casualty care program and training in full. The students will be taught how to care for a casualty without this equipment also. See kit list. 

Atlantic Pacific does not provide indemnity cover for its students for using casualty care in the field unless deployed as an AP asset.  

Certification is valid for 3 years.


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23rd – 25th April 2022 (3 days), 20th – 22nd June 2022 (3 days), 10th – 12th September 2022 (3 days), 26th – 28th September 2022 (3 days), 21st – 23rd October 2022 (3 days), 4th – 6th November 2022 (3 days), 16th – 18th November 2022 (3 days)

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