Atlantic Pacific Ocean Revival Competition

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inspiring young people to protect the ocean

Win tickets to the

Atlantic Pacific Kamaishi Summer Camp

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Ocean Revival Competition

We are an award-winning non-profit lifeboat organisation on a mission to combat global drowning.


We designed the Lifeboat in a box based in Kamaishi, Japan and provide online courses & in-person training camps, with support from The Nippon Foundation.


As part of our educational work in Japan, we launched an exciting plastic reduction project in November 2021, as part of the Precious Plastics network.  Working with young students, we are building a machine to convert ocean plastic into useful recycled materials.


Eventually we want to convert this waste plastic into essential life-saving products like oars, life-jackets and even lifeboats.  We want our project to inspire young people to think of other fantastic ways to tackle plastic ocean pollution.


The Ocean Revival competition is your chance to play your part in tackling plastic pollution, with a chance to win some great prizes.


Please tell us your ideas!

For a chance to win some amazing prizes, including tickets to our amazing summer camp in Kamaishi, tell us about your creative ideas for new ways to combat plastic ocean pollution.


We want to hear about imaginative ideas that could become real workable solutions to the plastic pollution crisis in Kamaishi and other coastal towns around the world.


The best entries will be invited to present online to our prestigious panel of judges, who will select the overall winners.


We can’t wait to see your ideas. Good luck!

Rules, Deadlines, Prizes & Goals

How to Enter

Please upload your ideas for tackling ocean plastic pollution,  using a maximum of two pages to explain your idea.

The Atlantic Pacific team will judge all entries and every person entering will receive feedback from the team and a digital certificate to celebrate your idea, whether you go through to the final online event or not.

We will pick the best six entries and the finalists will be invited to present their ideas to our prestigious panel of judges at our online Ocean Revival event. 

Date: Final Online Ideas Presentation: 30 March 2022. (Full details will be sent to finalists prior to the event).

Entries accepted: Japanese & English language

Eligibility: National and International people up to 25 years old.

Age Categories: 

Category 1:

17 years old and under (entrants can be any age below this)

Category 2:

18-25 years old

Topic: Tackling ocean plastic pollution

Entry Fee: Free

Deadline for entries: 23:59(JST) 20 March, 2022

What you can win (17 year olds and under)

All entrants will receive a certificate of entry to acknowledge their effort.

Any entrants that do not make it to the final will have their names entered into a special prize draw to win an Atlantic Pacific Merchandise pack.

In addition, three winners will be chosen and will receive these amazing prizes:

Top Prize 

An amazing adventure on the Atlantic Pacific Summer Camp (August 2022), for up to 4 people.

  • Stay among the beautiful mountains and seaside of Kamaishi
  • Learn about sea safety, ocean protection & more
  • Have loads of fun!
  • Meet people your own age from around the world
  • Practice your English as a Japanese participant
  • Practice your Japanese as an international participant
  • Learn essential life skills that will benefit your future career


  • 1 week of food & accommodation
  • Seabased & beach activities
  • Trip in a powerboat
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Travel expenses of up to 40,000 YEN per person, to cover your journey from Kamaishi (and back to your point of origin).

Please note: Any additional costs including overseas travel if you live outside of Japan must be covered by the winner/s.  If Covid-19 or other unforeseen circumstances prevent the summer camp  from running, then you can choose to enjoy a trip to Kamaishi up to the value of 70,000 YEN, or roll over the trip to 2023.

Second prize 

27,000 yen to spend on ocean-friendly products (you can spend it on what you like!).

Third prize 

Atlantic Pacific Merchandise goodie bag, including; MyMizu water bottle, Atlantic Pacific hoodie, t-shirt, patch, bag and a special fun pack.


What you can win (18-25 year olds)

Category 2

18-25 years old

Top Prize

  • 60,000 YEN to bring your proposal to life. We want to see the winning ideas become workable solutions, so we will offer help, advice and contacts to help you take the idea to the next stage, including expertise from the international Atlantic Pacific network of UWC. Please describe how you would spend the money in your initial proposal.

Second Prize

  • 27,000 yen to spend on ocean-friendly products (you can spend it on what you like!).

Third Prize

  • Atlantic Pacific Merchandise goodie bag, including MyMizu water bottle, AP hoodie, t-shirt, patch, bag and special Japanese fun pack.

How are entries chosen?

Three ideas will be chosen for both age categories, with six prizes available to win in total. 

If your idea goes through to the final, then we will email you and invite you to our online event to present your idea to our judges, for a chance to win fantastic prizes.

We encourage international entries so you can enter from anywhere in the world.

Rules of entry

  1. Tell us your idea for how to reduce plastics in the ocean.
  2. Please only enter innovative, original ideas that consider how to reduce, reuse, recycle, reimagine the plastic problem.
    Your approach could be a product, process or other initiative. For example; ways to retrieve plastic from the sea, ideas for reducing the amount of plastic entering the ocean, or new ways to recycle and re-use plastic from the ocean in creative ways.
  3. Please enter online, with a written proposal explaining your idea
  4. Proposals should be on a PDF and a maximum of 1-2 A4 pages in length.  We want to see ideas that are clear, simple and not too long.
  5. To support your entry you can also submit video, sketches, photos etc. If you would like to do this, please email us this separately in a suitable format, for example using a WeTransfer link, a link to a YouTube video etc.   Please send emails to:
  6. You can enter as an individual or as a team of any size up to 4 people, so you and your friends or classmates could enter together.
  7. If you are entering as a group, one representative of the group should enter the information.
  8. If you are entering in the 18-25 category, please explain in your proposal how you would spend the 60,000 YEN prize money


Please note:

  1. You can enter as an individual or a team of up to 4 people.
  2. Age categories are determined by your age on the competition deadline of 23:59 JST 20 March, 2022;
    – 17 years old and under
    – 18-25 years old
  3. If you are entering as a mixed age group, please enter in the 18-25 years old category
  4. All entries must be authentic, original and not plagiarised
  5. Any entries later found to be unoriginal or deemed to be plagiarised will be disqualified or have their prizes reneged.
  6. Entries are only accepted on our website
  7. Maximum 1-2 pages as a PDF
  8. The number of entries you can make is limited to 3 ideas per person (or team). We can only accept one PDF entry per person on our website, so if you have more than one idea, please email your additional ideas to us at
  9. Entries can come from anywhere in the world, in Japanese or English language
  10. Any international winner of a summer camp prize must cover the costs of their travel either to Tokyo, or directly to Kamaishi.


  1. Please DO NOT add any information on your entry proposal PDF that displays your age, gender or school.  We want to judge all entries equally based purely on the quality of the idea, so our judges are not influenced by any other factors.
  2. We will need to collect your personal information during the entry process, just not on your proposal PDF.
  3. We politely request your email address for correspondence, so we can send you feedback and let you know if your proposal has been successful.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Through our Lifeboat in a box, our rapid response crews, educational outreach and design and innovation, we support the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This year we are increasing our focus on goal number 14: ‘Life below water’.

Our organisation is inextricably linked to the sea and we want to educate young people about the importance of enjoying and respecting the ocean.

Our Precious Plastics project is designed to inspire young people to create their own fantastic ideas to tackle pollution.

This international partnership project will see young students from Wales, UK, team up with students in Kamaishi Japan, to build an amazing plastic converter.

Our machine will turn plastic found on coastal beaches into useful items like chairs, tables and one day we hope – essential life-saving products like oars, lifejackets and even lifeboats.

Find out more about these amazing machines at Precious Plastics

Follow us on social media to keep track of our projects.

Are you ready to enter?

If you have any questions please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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