Breaking the record across the Atlantic

The Little Boat Project
Lecture by Founder and Chief Designer Matt Kent

















Atlantic Pacific is delighted to be working in collaboration with Matt Kent, Chief Designer and Founder of The Little Boat Project.

The Little Boat Project is a design challenge to break the world record for the smallest boat sailed across the Atlantic. In March of 2017 Matt will sail his little boat, Undaunted, from The Canary Islands to the Florida coast, crossing nearly 4700 miles of open ocean over 16 weeks.

Matt will be giving a talk at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL on Thursday 2nd March (see here to reserve your place) and at Atlantic College, Wales, on Friday 3rd March.

Join us as Matt talks about the real challenge of this project, which is not navigating the Atlantic Ocean in a small boat (which mariners have done for centuries), but the design of the vessel itself and planning for things like food storage and physical exercise for an estimated 4700 mile voyage in a 3′ 6″ boat, as well as personal endurance during the projected 3.5-4 months alone at sea.

Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project are pleased to be collaborating with Matt and The Little Boat Project which is promoting the importance of preparation when voyaging out on the open ocean as a way to prevent most rescues at sea.

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