Lifeboat in a Box


Atlantic Pacific’s unique Lifeboat in a Box lifeboat station empowers communities around the world prone to drowning, flooding and natural disasters by providing them with a custom-built lifeboat station and purpose-built lifeboat, Search and Rescue training, and boatbuilding expertise, so that when the unbearable strikes, a lifeboat and crew are strategically positioned to help rescue those in need.


Taking the form of a shipping container, the Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box is an unlikely but ingenious solution to a global problem, providing the essential facilities of a lifeboat station in one transportable self-contained unit that can be delivered to any location in the world to operate immediately as a lifeboat station.


Every Lifeboat in a Box is specifically designed for the geographical location and the community that will receive it.

Training Programme

Working with local communities, the Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box comes with an intensive training programme for the local community on how to operate the boat and the station. Our instructors work with the identified local crew to progress their skills to eventually become trainers.


A Lifeboat in a Box can also be accompanied by Atlantic Pacific Crew who can operate the station for a period of time whilst local crew are recruited and trained.


Image (c): Laura Lewis

Our Bespoke Boats

All Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Boxes come with a bespoke boat that we design and manufacture in Wales. Our expert technicians work on designing a boat that is fit for purpose for the region and water that it will be deployed by building, testing and refining our small boats.


Currently our Hahn Class boat, which was built for our first Lifeboat in a Box in the Tsunami affected region of Japan, measures 4.8m from bow to stern, 1.8m wide and sits only 30cm deep in the water. The RIB’s v-shaped hull combines speed with the stability of the rubber tube, or sponson, allowing it to operate with ease in the sizeable waves.


Image (c): Laura Lewis

Boatbuilding Expertise

Atlantic Pacific’s Lifeboat in a Box has the ability to not only provide an immediate water rescue asset, but also to be a seed for growth. Our expert technicians work with the community that receives the Lifeboat in a Box to train local people how to build our rescue boats from locally sourced material.


Our educational outreach team works with local children and parents to highlight the key issues around water safety to reduce the risk of drowning. This fulfils the longer-term aspiration of our Lifeboat in a Box, with a programme that can extend to neighbouring cities and communities to provide them with a Lifeboat and trained crew.


The Lifeboat in a Box was initially conceived and developed as part of a project in the Tsunami affected region of Kamaishi, Japan, where we located our first Lifeboat in a Box in 2016. This project has now become the seed of an even longer-term project and we are currently developing a “Sea Safety Centre” in the same town of our existing facility.


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