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Lily EJ at KCL lecture on the European Migrant Crisis…

European Week Day 4: The European Migrant Crisis and its Issues in the Security Field

The event will topic one of the most relevant and complex issues faced by European leaders over the last years: the European migrant crisis. Apart from the crisis evolving into a humanitarian disaster, it has flagged a great number of issues in the field of European security. These security challenges have shaped the debate for a rethinking of the EU’s security policies and even touches on the survival the EU as a whole.

In this event our speakers will focus on the existing impact the migrant crisis has today on the European security field, the EU’s foreign policy and more personally, the impact the crisis has on the migrants themselves. We are glad to announce the following speakers:

– Mr Luigi Scazzieri, European foreign and security policy expert at the Centre for European Reform (CER)
– Dr Alex Clarkson, lecturer in German and European & International Studies at KCL, as well as active European history and political blogger
– Ms Lily Eckersley-Jones, cofounder of Atlantic Pacific, an international rescue charity whose brief is to provide lifeboats where there are none

The event will be followed by a reception where free drinks and snacks will be offered.
Tickets are free of any costs and will be limited. They can be found by following the link provided.
We hope to welcome you on the 15th of March!

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