Christian Havrehed runs Pyrenees for Atlantic Pacific

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Christian Havrehed, Danish graduate of the United World College of the Atlantic (AC) has generously agreed to swim-run-swim from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean sea (Hendaye to Banyul-sur-mer) over the Pyrenees in order to raise £10,000 for an AP Hahn RIB which will be deployed for action this year.
After learning of Atlantic Pacific’s mission and their activities at AC, Christian decided that he would take on this amazing challenge to support APs vision of providing lifeboats where there are none. Speaking on the subject, Christian said:
I have chosen to support Atlantic Pacific because they provide rescue services to those who already have little or no hope even before they need rescuing at sea. It won’t change the world, but it will prevent someone’s parent or someone’s child from dying. And to me, that’s worth a small hike.
In 2001, Christian rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in Yantu with a Chinese friend in 56 days. The mission was not only to cross the Atlantic but to showcase that cross-cultural cooperation can succeed anywhere if you trust each other and have a common goal. From this mission, Christian raised 88,000 USD, which funded two scholarships to AC for Chinese nationals.
After this adventure, Christian has decided to set himself another mission to swim 200m at Hendaye in the Atlantic, then a 860km run along the Pyrenees, and finish with a 200m swim at Banyuls-sur-Mer in the Med.
Christian said:
In honor of AC Beach Rescue Service and its ethos “Vigilance and Service” a.k.a. “We might be stupid, but we are bloody strong”, I have re-invented the Run-Swim-Run as a Swim-Run-Swim, with a slightly longer Run, thereby lessening the risk of needing a helicopter rescue at sea. It is easier to predict the time for the swims than the run, but the 860km run (along the GR10 route) with a total elevation of 50km should take about 40 days.
Christian will begin this challenge on the 22nd May 2017 and aims to reach the Mediterranean by 7th July. Starting early in the season may cause problems with snow still on the mountains, however Christian is hopeful that it will melt as he crosses. The weather is likely to be his biggest challenge and only carrying a 5kg backpack with all essentials, Christian will rely on shelters and guesthouses along the route. He hopes to stop and post updates of his journey when he can.
Please help support Christian and this amazing challenge by giving generously.
You can find out more via Facebook
You can support Christian here. All donations go directly towards the production of the boat. Christian is generously funding all costs of Swim-Run-Swim himself.

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