Educational Outreach


Education is vital to reduce the numbers of people who drown every year. In the UK, Atlantic Pacific offers educational sessions for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities as well as local youth community groups to both introduce ideas around being aware of and how to be safe in water but also highlights what’s going on in the wider world and the risk of natural disasters and climate change.


Image: Atlantic Pacific working with students from London Design and Engineering UTC, Newham

Newham, London

Atlantic Pacific’s new office is located at Royal Docks Adventure, London and as part of our activity we will be running an outreach programme with the local community to encourage children and young people to be confident on the water, but also to learn basic boating and search and rescue skills.


We hope that these children and young people will develop with us to become Atlantic Pacific crew and eventually instructors who can both teach the next generation of children local to our base in Royal Docks, but also who can be deployed internationally with our Lifeboat in a Box programme or as a rapid response highly trained crew.

Image: Visual of APs new offices at Royal Docks, London


Internationally, we offer an outreach educational programme to the local youth community with every Lifeboat in a Box programme. Currently in Japan, where our first Lifeboat in a Box is located, we offer a summer camp for local and national children to come and learn about sea safety, sea pollution, sea wildlife and search and rescue techniques.


Image: Outreach programme with Otsuchi High School students in Kamaishi, Japan

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