Atlantic Pacific Summer School Wales 2019

This years Atlantic Pacific Summer School at UWC Atlantic College was a massive success. Students learnt a wide range of skills such boat repair, casualty care and sea rescue. We aim to equip students with these emergency skills that they will use on the front lines internationally in places like Lesvos, Greece, the Mediterranean Sea or by joining the crews of our Lifeboat in a Box!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who partook in our summer school, from participants and instructors, the amazing staff at Atlantic Outdoor in UWC Atlantic, the kitchen staff and the extremley welcoming domestic team at our accomodation. We had an incredible 2 weeks which provided us with the opportunity to meet some fantastic people. We loved every minute of it and are already looking forward to nexts years instalment.

Check out some photos of this years course below! Credit: Debra Welch

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