Nebama Bay, Kamaishi, has the first Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box. Delivered in August 2016, the local community now operate the first lifeboat service in Japan. Their first responsibility was to steward the Nebama Bay Triathlon in September 2016 and consolidate their training, crew and operation in preparation for on-call sea rescue. Kamaishi will be a host venue of the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the local lifeboat crew will be fully trained and equipped to assist with the Ferry service that will bring tourists to the event.





Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box

Kamaishi’s Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box was designed and constructed by students from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. Nebama Bay is undergoing reconstruction after the 2011 Tsunami and there are currently no buildings or services. Considering these conditions, students have designed this Lifeboat in a Box to include everything that is needed to operate as Lifeboat station; crew room, workshop and space for the boat to be immediately deployed from the end.



Bespoke Boat

Kamaishi’s lifeboat was designed and constructed by students at UWC Atlantic College Wales. As part of their International Baccalaureate Diploma, students aged 16-18 were required to consider the conditions within Nebama Bay and also risk of Tsumani in order to design and build Hahn 001 (now renamed Wales Go).




The Training

Atlantic Pacific delivered an intensive training programme to members of the Fishermen’s Association, the Fire Brigade and the Yacht Club Association, instructing them in how to operate the boat and station. These volunteers are now the crew who will operate the service, recruiting and training new members.

mjpn-mob mjpn-line-throw mjpn-knot-3 mjpn-hana-on-water mjpn-boat-handle

The Future:

Atlantic Pacific is committed to ensuring the success of the lifeboat service in Kamaishi and are helping the local community to establish Nebama MIND, an organisation which maintains the Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box, boat and crew of Nebama Bay, and which continues to recruit and train volunteers from the local area.

Atlantic Pacific is committed to working with other coastal towns in Japan to deliver further rescue services. Atlantic Pacific: Japan will be established, based in Tokyo to further expand the current services and training opportunities.

For more information on how you can work with us in Japan please contact us.