Taking the form of a shipping container, the Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box is an unlikely but ingenious solution to a global problem, providing the essential facilities of a lifeboat station in one transportable container to communities that do not have the provision to rescue anyone in trouble at sea.

The Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box is a self-contained unit that can be delivered to any location in the world to operate immediately as a lifeboat station. Inside is a bespoke lifeboat, a workshop for maintaining and fixing the lifeboat and a crew room, where crew can change and shelter from the weather. Every Lifeboat in a Box is specifically designed for the community that will receive it.

Working with local communities, the Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box comes with an intensive training programme on how to operate the boat and the station and the longer term aspiration that the programme can extend to other local regions and communities.

A Lifeboat in a Box can also be accompanied by Atlantic Pacific Crew who can operate the station for a period of time whilst local crew are recruited and trained.

Atlantic Pacific’s strategy is to supply Lifeboat in a Box stations to areas and communities identified as vulnerable to flooding or natural disasters, so that when the unbearable strikes, a lifeboat is strategically positioned to help rescue those in need.

The Lifeboat in a Box was initially conceived and developed as part of a project in the Tsunami affected region of Kamaishi, Japan.


If you would like to inquire about working with us to establish an Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat in a Box in a specific region, please contact us, or if you would like to donate money to this activity please click here.