Christian beats both donation and time target!

Money for Lifeboat “Mogens” in the bag!

As well as completing Run-Swin Run one day earlier than planned, Christian has now exceeded his fundraising goal of £10,700!

Christian finished his run 25 June, one day earlier than expected. On the last day Christian had excellent running conditions and covered 48km in 8:09 hours. Arriving at Banyuls-sur-Mer he immediately jumped into the sea to complete the 200m swim and then he was … DONE!

During his 35 days in the Pyrenees Christian ended up running a total of 880km, which is equivalent to the length of 321 Golden Gate Bridges end to end. The total ascent on his run was 58,879m, which is equivalent to 6.6 Mt. Everests stacked on top of each other. He burned a total of 80,496 active calories (resting or passive calories not included), which is the amount of calories in 336 1/2 liter colas or 268 McDonalds cheeseburgers! Bon appetit!

Christian is of course very happy he completed the endurance challenge.  However, what tops it all of for him (and us) is that we also managed to raise (still counting…) £11,000, which is more than enough to finance a Hahn Class Lifeboat. Donations are still accepted at until the end of September, so please continue to support.

Donations were for the longest time lagging Christian’s progress, but in the last week of his run a China based sponsor generously promised to match all donations £ for £ to encourage us reaching the target. This incentive really got people into donation mode and we raised £1,000 every few days, which were then doubled up, resulting in the target being met – and even exceeded!  “Felt like a really good happy hour”, Christian says, who wishes to extend his sincere thank you to everyone who supported him along the way. “We would never have succeeded without a big network of supporters.  Sometimes when things were really tough interaction with supporters helped to keep me going. In the end I only did the grunt work. More than 100 people made donations, some even twice, and that is why we now have sufficient funding for the lifeboat. It was one big team effort!”.

Sadly a good friend of Christian’s passed away whilst he was on the trail. In 1989 Mogens personally drove through the chaotic streets of Beijing to evacuate Christian from Beijing University following the Tiananmen Incident, so he was a bit of a lifesaver. He also worked with development aid in Africa for many years and had a holiday home in Egypt. Christian has asked Mogens’ widow Kirsten whether she’d allow for the boat to be named “Mogens” and she kindly agrees. So in honour of Mogens’ memory “Mogens” will soon be saving lives in Africa.