Atlantic Pacific designs, manufactures and tests all of its operational lifeboats. The students and staff of UWC Atlantic College in South Wales ensure that the specific function and destination of each vessel is factored into its design.

Students of UWC Atlantic College are able hone their boat-building skills during their two years in Wales spent studying for their International Baccalaureate Diploma. They learn boat-handling skills in order to test their craft on the unpredictable waters of the Bristol Channel.

This Project builds on UWC Atlantic College’s legacy of boat-building. Desmond Hoare developed the first Rigid-Hulled inflatable Boat (RIB) when headmaster at Atlantic College and ever since its students have been building and refining RIBs as part of their education. The College now works with Atlantic Pacific in order to further its historic contribution to water rescue. The students continue to design, develop and build lifesaving vessels and their experience at sea prepares them to volunteer as Atlantic Pacific crew following their graduation from UWC Atlantic College Wales.