Atlantic Pacific has now been included as one of Atlantic Colleges student service activities and we have 30 students partaking in the development of our project.
We are running weekly sessions with our group which involves three different endeavours:

Boat Building
Lifeboat in a Box
Research and Development

We have raised enough funding from Christian Havrehed’s adventures across the Pyrenees to construct a Hahn Class Lifeboat.

The Thomas Schmidt appeal has also provided us with the funding for another Hahn Class boat.

Both of these campaigns went over their targets and we have decided that we would use the excess to be put towards our Lifeboat in a Box scheme.

We have now looked at our project and through our experiences in Japan and our discussions with the students at Atlantic College we have arrived at the conclusion that each boat should be shipped with a spare engine.

We have also been given 2 x 40ft shipping containers ready to convert, so we have decided to use the excess money received for a second engine for each boat.

We will start building the new boats very soon, but in the true nature of perfection, we have decided to update the design of the Hahn class boat. With the guidance of Dr. Tom Coe and the input of AC students we will start making Hahn 004 (Mogens) and Hahn 005 (Thomas Schmidt) using some cutting edge technology. Hahn 003 (Test) will be used as a test platform for the purpose of perfecting the Hahn design.

Atlantic Pacific has experienced an exponential growth spurt over the past 6 months thanks to the support of many kind donations and the team’s incredible ambitions.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU and please continue to support us:

So far your support has helped us:

Build three boats
Open our first Lifeboat in a Box in North East Japan
Train 90 new crew (more than 30 have been working in the refugee crisis)
Supply us with sea going kit
Supply us with tools to build boats and Lifeboat in a Box stations
Open an office in Bermondsey, London
Start the process of placing a Lifeboat in a Box in Mozambique

Please continue to support us at: